Kurtis Hinz, President of TAM International was recently appointed as the new Chairman of the World Nuclear Association’s Transport Working Group (TWG).

The TWG acts as a forum for communicating industry developments, exchanging leading practice, and for identifying and resolving issues relating to the shipment of nuclear material. The primary focus of the Group is to address commercial topics relating to the global transport of nuclear materials. The TWG is represented on the Transport Facilitation Working Group, which is a multi-stakeholder initiative to preserve and open up new routes for the transport of radioactive material, and on the IAEA’s Transport Safety Standards Committee (TRANSSC).

“It is an honour to be appointed as Chairman of this important Working Group. TAM has been an active member of the World Nuclear Association for a long time and I am excited to work together with our colleagues, partners and stakeholders to advancing the agenda of the TWG and contributing to the safe, secure and efficient transport of radioactive materials across the globe.”

Kurtis’ chairmanship started in September 2019.