Multi-modal Transport

Ship anywhere – by Land, Sea or Air

Whether you need your high consequence materials shipped by rail in Europe, by air in Asia, or by barge in the U.S., TAM International has the expertise, equipment, and connections to make it happen.

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Our global transportation options


Liner shipping – Thanks to strong ties to the few ocean liners capable of transporting radioactive materials, TAM has developed efficient routes that comply with all International Maritime Regulations, including IMDG Code, INF Code, and the SOLAS Convention.

Chartered vessels – Our charter shipment project management services include stevedoring services, vessel selection and negotiation, stowage system design and implementation, and arrangement of INF Class vessels. With routes available from North America to Europe and Asia and from Europe to Russia, TAM can coordinate charter vessel shipments anywhere you need them.


Truck – Our diverse network of carriers and robust quality control systems ensure that only the best land transport providers will handle your cargo. All of the trucking companies we work with are audited regularly and are compliant with all safety, regulatory and insurance requirements. We also offer transload operations to move your materials from truck to rail, barge or vessel.

Rail – Our strong relationships with key rail operators in North America and Europe combined with our fleet of specialized leased railcars allow us to expand our fleet based on project needs.


Line and charter services – Whether you need to air ship a small sample or a radioactive source, TAM can handle it all thanks to strong global partnerships that enable safe, efficient door-door transport.

TAM offers liner service and charter options from a range of carriers that are experienced with radioactive materials, and our experts will ensure that your packaging and paperwork is compliant and meets the requirements of airlines, customs and regulators.