Our People

Kurtis Hinz

Chief Executive Officer
Kurtis Hinz, TAM International President
Joined TAM International: December 2005

President of the company since 2011, Mr. Kurtis Hinz brings more than 16 years of experience in international logistics to TAM, the last 13 of which were in radioactive material transport. Mr. Hinz has been instrumental in developing the short- and long-term vision for the company, and has represented TAM in organizations such as the World Nuclear Association, the World Nuclear Transport Institute and numerous other groups. In 2019, he was also named Chairman of the World Nuclear Association Transport Working Group. In his role at the WNA, he continues to  work collaboratively with various nuclear industry professionals to address and mediate various issues in the transportation of nuclear material.

Mr. Hinz’s leadership ensures that TAM’s focus remains on strengthening the critical relationship between the customer and its transporter.

Kevin Loyens

Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer
Kevin Loyens  TAM International Vice President Business Development
Joined TAM International: 2015

A former Senior Manager, India and South East Asia for the Government of British Columbia’s Ministry of International Trade, Mr. Loyens’ primary roles at TAM International are to oversee the company’s business development efforts and to create business strategies that align with the evolving needs of logistics customers.

Mr. Loyens spent 6 years in Shanghai as the General Manager of Kerry-Talke Chemical logistics. Mr Loyens is fluent in English, Mandarin, French and Dutch and has extensive understanding of the transport industry in Europe and emerging markets, including China and India.

Madhur Aggarwal

 Business Development Manager

      Joined TAM International: 2019

       Mr. Madhur Aggarwal joined TAM International in 2019 and is working from Delhi,                     India. Mr. Aggarwal possesses over 19 years of experience in strategic consulting                   and finance. A Master of Finance from London School of Economics, Mr. Aggarwal                 has previously worked with Merrill Lynch Bank of America, KPMG United Kingdom,                   JP Morgan, federal and provincial government offices in the United States,                               Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

       Mr. Aggarwal brings vast experience and knowledge of developing new business, commercial feasibility, financial analytics and structuring, stakeholder management and logistics handling to the table. Madhur plays an active role in enhancing the regional and industry diversification strategy of TAM International.

Steven De Smedt

Business Development Manager

Joined TAM International: 2020

Mr. De Smedt joined TAM International in June of 2020.  Mr. De Smedt has more than 20 years of experience in nuclear logistics, covering both the front and back-end of the industry, as well as medical and industrial isotopes. He has extensive regulatory, commercial, and technical knowledge and is an expert in IMO regulations. He is also the holder of a DGSA certificate (road and rail).

Mr De Smedt is fluent in English, French, German and Dutch. Steven has previously held senior management positions in freight forwarding companies that were specialized in the transport of highly enriched uranium for research reactors and he worked as well on the evacuation of spent fuel from different research reactors in Europe back to the United States for the DOE. He also worked for a few years as Senior Consultant for Westinghouse LLC where he worked mostly on new projects for fuel deliveries to the various nuclear power plants in the world, packaging and optimizing logistic routes. He also worked on various DD&R and waste projects within Europe.

Jamie Smith

Chief Operating Officer
Jamie Smith  TAM International Vice President Operations
Joined TAM International: 2009

With 14 years of experience in international logistics – the last nine in radioactive material transport – Mr. Smith brings to TAM an extensive knowledge of manufacturing and global supply chain management.

Mr. Smith is responsible for managing all aspects of TAM International operations across USA, Canada, Asia and Europe for the transport of radioactive material and other high consequence dangerous goods.

Rob Klassen

Director, Operations
Rob Klassen, TAM International Operations Manager
Joined TAM International: 2015

With more than 20 years of experience in international logistics – the last nine in radioactive material transport – Mr. Klassen is a professional freight forwarder with a specialty in international logistics and supply chain management. His areas of expertise include warehousing, inventory management, container packing /de-packing, seaport development, import/export customs formalities and road carrier development.

As a freight forwarding professional in the nuclear industry, Mr. Klassen has a strong understanding of the nuclear supply chain for global transport. Capable of managing teams that coordinate multiple global transports for multiple customers simultaneously, Mr. Klassen oversees the day to day operations of our entire group working collaboratively with our offices around the globe.

Carl Samuel

Operations Manager

     Joined TAM International: 2021

     With more than 25 years of experience in the logistics and transportation industry,               Mr. Samuel brings extensive experience in both International shipping and North                 American road transport of radioactive materials.

     He has held various senior Operations Management positions for DHL Express across         North America, Asia and the Middle East in addition to managing radioactive                       material transports in North America for 5 years.

Marc Flynn

Director, TAM International U.K. Ltd.
Marc Flynn, TAM International (EU) EU Operations/Business Development Manager
Joined TAM: February of 2018

With more than 32 years of experience in the European nuclear industry – including 18 in radioactive material transport – Mr. Flynn has a wealth of experience with the technical, regulatory, commercial aspects of nuclear operations.

Mr. Flynn manages TAM’s European operations, working with customers to develop tailor-made solutions for their logistics needs. Mr. Flynn previously held senior logistics positions in both International Nuclear Services and the UK’s Low Level Waste Repository Ltd. He also held Directors appointments for UK’s RAMTUC and RADSAFE CCLGs.

A subject matter expert in IAEA Transport regulations, Mr. Flynn holds DGSA & ADR and can perform deep slice audits at all stages for Class 7 transports.

Florian Spielmann

Director, Europe Operations

      Joined TAM Internationa: 2021

       Mr. Spielmann has over 14 years of experience in the transportation and packaging of         radioactive materials, particularly uranium hexafluoride (UF6). He is a subject matter           expert in dangerous goods transport regulations and is certified as a dangerous                   goods safety advisor for road (ADR), rail (RID) and sea (IMDG). In his previous position,         he was WNTI HEXT Chair and industry representative in the IAEA TRANSSC WG.

Steve Hansen

Chief Compliance Officer
Steve Hansen, TAM International (USA) Vice President Regulatory Compliance
Joined TAM International: 2014

With over 30 years of experience in the nuclear industry ranging from uranium transport to nuclear plant operations, Mr. Hansen is a subject matter expert in the handling and transport of Uranium Hexafluoride (UF6). A member of United States Nuclear Technical Advisory Group (NTAG), Mr. Hansen is qualified to provide international advice on USA 49 CFR HAZMAT transportation regulatory requirements for radioactive material transport. Mr. Hansen is also the current Chairman of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) N14.1 subcommittee

Mr. Hansen’s specific capabilities include identifying global transport requirements (permits/export-import license management) and providing cost effective advice to customers on logistics process requirements for both USA/Canada domestic and international radioactive shipments (including air, road, rail, barge, and marine vessel options).

Justin Whiteside

Chief Financial Officer
Justin Whiteside, Chief Financial Officer
Joined TAM International: 2015

Mr. Whiteside is a Graduate of the University of Saskatchewan in 2010 with a bachelor of commerce degree. He received his chartered accountants designation in 2012 and began his career at Hergott Duval & Stack chartered accountants as an articling student. Mr. Whiteside moved on to work for MNP LLP as a manager in private enterprise. He joined TAM International in May 2015. Justin brings with him a wealth of knowledge in accounting and taxation compliance as well as offering financial analysis to make sound business decisions.