Retirement of Bas Hobson

TAM International wishes to announce the retirement of Bas Hobson, effective January 1, 2013. Bas Hobson is an original founder of TAM International and has been with the company since its inception in 2004. Prior to his work with TAM International, Bas was employed for over 30 years in the transportation industry.

Mr. Hobson began his career with TAM International in 2004 and has been an invaluable member of the TAM International Executive team throughout his career with the company. His regulatory and operational knowledge is among some of the most respected in the industry. Bas has been instrumental in the growth and success of TAM International since its inception.

Gerry McNally, Vice President of Operations has been named the new Executive Vice President while Jamie Smith, Operations Manager has been named the new Vice President of Operations. Mr. Hobson will continue to work with TAM International in a consultancy role and we are also pleased to announce that he will continue to be a member of our Board of Directors. Please join me in congratulating Bas on his upcoming retirement and wishing him well in his future endeavors.