TAM Attends Madrid WNTI Meetings

The World Nuclear Transport Institute (WNTI) semi-annual members meeting was held December 6th and 7th in Madrid, Spain. Bas Hobson, Executive Vice President from TAM International attended the meetings. As part of the WNTI meetings a site visit to the Trillo nuclear power plant was held on December 5th. The WNTI group was given an overview of the nuclear energy program in Spain and a tour of the interim storage facility for spent nuclear fuels.

The semi-annual members meetings in Madrid consisted of various working groups including the uranium ore concentrates group discussions on checklists, subcontractor standards and transport risk. The HEXT working group discussed the pending changes to shipments of small quantities and the impact it may have on the industry. There was a presentation from a transporter on the Fukushima aftermath on experiences in shipping after the event.