TAM International Receives Energy Northwest Recognition Award

Energy Northwest recently recognized TAM International for its contribution to the Energy Northwest 30B transportation project. TAM’s role and responsibilities in the project included assistance in development of BWXT procedures, adding BWXT to the NRC UX-30 Certificate of Compliance, scheduling of loading and shipping of the cylinders as well as supplying the necessary UX-30 overpacks for shipment.

The 30B cylinders shipped from the BWXT Conversion Facility were some of the last product cylinders that were produced at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, before its final shutdown. With the overall oversight and management by TAM, this project was successfully completed ahead of schedule and without any safety incidents.

Kurtis Hinz, President of TAM International: “We are very pleased to receive this award and with the recognition by Energy Northwest. It is TAM’s mission to be a strategic partner for its customers and ensure that projects like this are executed in an efficient and safe way. We want to thank Energy Northwest for the successful cooperation and want to congratulate the entire team that was involved in overseeing this important project.”